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Data Scientist (f/m/d)

Stratio Automotive

Stratio Automotive

This job is no longer accepting applications

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Data Science
Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Artificial Intelligence · Portugal, Remote · Fully Remote

Data Scientist (f/m/d)

Data Scientist (f/m/d)

Your contribution to a #zerodowntimefuture

As a Data Scientist, you will leverage your statistical analysis and machine learning expertise to develop predictive maintenance models. You will collect and preprocess relevant data, build, train, and productize machine learning models, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate them into product features and actionable recommendations. Your ability to understand complex data patterns, extract meaningful insights, and communicate findings effectively will be vital for the success of our predictive maintenance initiatives.

Research, develop and implement algorithms for predictive maintenance, and produce findings on our data that support features all across our products.

As Data Scientist you will

  • Collaborate with domain experts and stakeholders to understand business requirements and deliver effective solutions.
  • Analyze and interpret complex data patterns to derive actionable insights.
  • Collect and preprocess relevant data from various sources for predictive maintenance analysis.
  • Design, implement, train, evaluate, and optimize machine learning models for predictive maintenance.
  • Communicate findings to technical and non-technical stakeholders through clear, compelling presentations and reports.
  • Support the productization of machine learning models by working closely with engineering teams.

This is what we believe is needed for this role

  • Strong background in data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning.
  • Proficiency in Python and other relevant programming languages.
  • Ability to conduct exploratory data analysis (EDA) to uncover patterns, anomalies, and valuable insights.
  • Knowledge of data preprocessing techniques, feature engineering, and feature selection methods.
  • Experience in machine learning model development, evaluation, and optimization.
  • Familiarity with good software development practices, including version control, code organization, and testing.
  • Fluency in English.

Bonus Points

  • Exposure to supporting the productization and operationalization of machine learning models.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with strong storytelling ability.

    What we offer

    • Health Insurance;
    • Fringe Benefits Policy (for Portugal located workers);
    • Flexible Work Hours - adjust your schedule to your needs;
    • Work Setup - remote, hybrid, onsite - if your job can be done remotely, and you prefer to, you’re free to choose;
    • Hardware and software for a full remote setup;
    • Monthly All-Hands;
    • Quarterly Events to discuss Strategy;
    • Autonomy and Ownership Culture;
    • Continuous feedback culture;
    • Innovation Mindset;
    • Career Acceleration.


      • Remote / Hybrid / Lisbon / Coimbra

      What you can expect from the recruitment

      • Screening call with HR
      • 1st Interview (1h)
        HR and Hiring Manager

        We want to get to know you better and navigate through your experience, skills and motivation.
      • Take home code test (estimated time 1-3 h)

      We will send you a code test for you to work offline. The team members will review it, and it will trigger the technical interview if good assessment is made.

        • Technical Interview (1h)
          Team members

          Deep dive into the code test outputs.
        • Cultural Fit Interview (1h)
          Head of People and Hiring Manager
          Validate the cultural fit between you and Stratio and make sure you’re the person we’re looking for to help us build a #zerodowntimefuture.
        • Hiring Proposal

        References may be required at any stage of the recruitment process.

        About Stratio

        Stratio is the World’s Leading Real-time Predictive Fleet Maintenance Platform. The company's proprietary technology combines large-scale processing with the latest machine learning techniques to prevent hundreds of thousands of breakdowns from happening every day, thus saving millions of people from the hassle of public transportation delays, postponed deliveries, or late arrival of essential goods.

        Stratio’s platform enables zero downtime for 5 of the 10 largest transportation companies in the world and, in 2021, raised an investment of $12 million to boost leadership in predictive fleet maintenance. Fleet operators in Europe, North America, Asia-pacific, and Latin America trust Stratio’s technology to fully leverage the data under the hood to safeguard operations, and keep customers happy. Stratio’s technology has enabled transportation for 1.3 billion people so far.

        We want inspiring individuals in our teams, where age, race, gender, sexual orientation, politics and religion do not matter, and seek to create a tolerant and open space for everyone. We thrive to provide an inclusive and trustworthy environment.

        You can find our Culture Manifesto and more team information here.

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        Artificial Intelligence
        Data Scientist
        Portugal, Remote
        Remote status
        Fully Remote
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        Mid-Senior Level
        Artificial Intelligence · Portugal, Remote · Fully Remote

        Data Scientist (f/m/d)

        This job is no longer accepting applications

        See open jobs at Stratio Automotive.