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Senior Analytics Engineer (f/m/x)



Data Science
Berlin, Germany
Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

In short: Full-time position. Europe remote or Berlin, please only apply if currently residing in the EMEA area (EU or UK preferred) [We don't work with external recruiters & agencies].

We are Gigs

  • Gigs is a telecom-as-a-service company building a global connectivity platform.
  • Our core product is an API that connects telecom networks from multiple countries:
  • For businesses: we make it simple to integrate through a single API and sell phone and data plans to their customers.
  • For consumers: we make it simple to subscribe to and manage a phone plan with a few clicks. A phone plan you’ll love to use yourself. Easy, transparent & globally connected for your smartphone, smartwatch, or IoT device.
  • We are backed by Google Gradient Ventures and Y Combinator, as well as the investors behind Facebook, Dropbox, and Airbnb. As part of Gigs, you will have access to the teams, resources, and support from any company we work with. We count on a team of world-class advisors and angel investors who can help us navigate our rapid growth.
  • Gigs was part of the YC W21 and YC Growth W23 batches and has recently raised a $20MM Series A.

🔧 The position

  • Join our expanding data team. As the Senior Analytics Engineer, you will be a vital addition to our dedicated data team at Gigs. Collaborate closely with Chris, our data analysts Mick and Thao, our data engineer Bram, and other Gigsters to enhance our and improve our data capabilities.
  • Drive our Northstar Vision at Gigs. You will refine existing metrics and introduce new KPIs to steer our business forward. Your role is pivotal in defining business logic, implementing it through SQL in dbt, and ensuring that metrics are prominently presented across the company.
  • Lead in data modeling and building for scale. Partner with teams from diverse domains and roles. Empower them to harness the potential of data from their daily tools and derive meaningful outcomes.
  • Become our data modeling pillar and SQL advocate. As our business matures we will need to build for scale. Testing and documentation are close to your heart. Engage in data discussions, collaborate with stakeholders, and occasionally spearhead training sessions on Analytics tools to drive data literacy across Gigs.
  • Pioneer central data modeling to unlock transformative use cases. Your expertise will be paramount in architecting centralized data models that continue to power initiatives like usage-based billing and customer-facing reports. By ensuring a unified and consistent modeling framework, you'll enable a multitude of functionalities that drive both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Find workarounds for data issues that scale. Our stack is built on top of event data. This means bugs from production can sometimes end up in our datawarehouse. You can build elegant workarounds for those issues that don’t slow us down in the future.
  • Optimize and innovate with top-tier data tools. Our existing data infrastructure includes Fivetran, dbt, Bigquery, Looker and Hex. While these form our foundation, your vision will guide the exploration and incorporation of state-of-the-art transofrmation tools. We are always experimenting with new tools and approaches.

We know that perfect candidates don’t exist. Even if not all of this applies to you, we’d love to learn more about you.

  • This is not your first rodeo. With 5+ years of data modeling/data warehouse architecture experience, you are a knowledgeable and seasoned data professional with experience in high-growth tech companies. You have a proven track record of successfully managing all aspects of data products throughout their lifecycle and have managed multiple stakeholders in a fast-paced environment. Practical experience with dbt is required! Experience with event data is a plus.
  • You eat flexibility for breakfast. You can grapple with ambiguity and can quickly shift gears when the needs change. You love solving difficult problems and exploring many areas within data.
  • You are naturally curious. You love diving into raw data sets, understanding the underlying contents, diving into documentation and working with Engineers to abstract life cycle events into business logic. You are aware things constantly change so you keep tests front end center.
  • You (over-) communicate. You love engaging with stakeholders and solving their problems. You need little to no help when driving business outcomes and communicating proactively to your team and stakeholders.
  • You love (written) documentation. You have seen the value of documentation in organizations and push it forward across data models, metrics and insights. You write down your course of action before engaging in any serious work to think things through.
  • You’re a proud data nerd. You’re innately technical and have a knack for learning new tools. You have experience writing complex SQL on raw data, have expert-level knowledge of common cloud data warehouses, can manipulate a number of data tools in your sleep, and have strong opinions about each. Looking for extra credit? Knowledge of Python will get you there.
  • Competitive salary based on experience.
  • 28 paid vacation days per year (PTO).
  • Generous stock options: We want everybody to be a true owner in Gigs (tax-free until exercised).
  • Free phone plan
  • Flexible working hours: Early riser? Night owl? Need to pick up your kids and finish up later? You can discuss and organize with your team to work out what’s best for you.
  • Get your perfect setup: Mac, Mechanical Keyboard, Plugins, IDE. We are flexible and cover whatever you need to do the best work of your life.
  • A workplace built for remote-first work: We are building Gigs as a remote-friendly company, but we also believe in the magic of face-to-face interaction. That means we’re building ways to get you out of your home office from time to time:
    • Gigs Pads: Our collection of beautiful homes around the world, for when you need a work-cation getaway.
    • Gigs Republic: Our semi-annual sunny offsite, a time for us to all come together. Meet fellow Gigsters from around the world to spend quality in-person time with your team. Cook a delicious meal at our cooking competition, Gigs Table. Have fun playing games, going on a hike, or get creative at a hackathon.