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Sales Engineer



Sales & Business Development
Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2023

Gitpod is looking for a Sales Engineer to join our team. As a Sales Engineer, you will play a crucial role in the success of our company by bridging the gap between the technical features of our product and the needs of our potential customers. You will work closely with the sales team to provide technical expertise, problem-solving, relationship building, and a competitive advantage to our customers. This is a strategic role that will help us set the foundation for sales engineering in the US.

What you'll do

  • Set the foundation for sales engineering in the US
  • Provide technical expertise to customers by explaining how Gitpod works in detail and answering technical questions
  • Help identify and solve problems that customers may face in the implementation of Gitpod
  • Provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer
  • Build relationships with customers by providing personalized attention and support throughout the sales process
  • Establish trust and rapport internally and externally to enable long-term customer relationships
  • Highlight unique features and benefits of Gitpod to provide a competitive advantage

What we're looking for

💻 Technical background Gitpod is a deeply technical product. You are not expected to be the architect of this product, yet need to have the background to understand Gitpod from a technical perspective. This understanding helps you identify gaps in the organization, empathize with technical leaders, and hold your part in a technical conversation.

🏢 Customer Centered We are successful when our customers are successful. You are a proven students of the customer's business, passionate about customer experience, solving puzzles and helping developers work with ease.

Admire operational excellence You are striving for operational excellence, including developing and implementing systems, processes, and capabilities to support scaling a high growth global organisation.

👌 Help Gitpod improve the developer experience at every company You want to collaborate with Engineering to debug and fix customer issues wherever they may be. You enjoy working across Customer Success, Sales, and Engineering to help users successfully deploy and employ the product.

🔎 Pay attention to details You have outstanding attention to detail, notice problems and opportunities others overlook and are willing to act upon these opportunities.

🗣 You are a good communicator We work remotely; our customers are remote too. You value writing and express yourself concisely. You may hold strong opinions, but you are not ideological. You communicate thoughtfully, always assume others speak in good faith, aim to understand opposing perspectives, and compromise when needed.

👌 Strategic partnership Your entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration skills help develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders to achieve our mission. You feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and you are willing to take risks while considering impact as we rapidly grow and change.

🐍 Data driven decision making You have an analytical problem-solving toolkit. You don’t lose yourself in details and know what level of insights is needed in order to drive decisions forward.

🤓 You are a curious deep diver You know that humans and documentation often do not have an answer. You respond by reading code, digging into issues, exploring metrics, traces, logs, or conduct experiments. You love learning new technologies, and bring your own experience with Linus, shell scripting, Docker and Kubernetes.

You also have most of the following:

  • Strong desire to set the foundation for sales engineering in the US
  • Experience in fast paced, scaling startup
  • Experience with developers and devops personas
  • Knowledge of cloud infrastructure and tooling
  • Experience demoing a very technical product

The Process

We are fully remote - so is our hiring process. We value written and async communication, building relationships, and ensuring that people’s strengths align with the responsibility of their role. This process is designed to showcase and evaluate these topics and give you the opportunity to see how we work at Gitpod.

Stage 1: Submit your application - The more information you give us, the better. We’ll review your submission and will reach out to you if your strengths and experience are aligned with what we are looking for.

Stage 2: Asynchronous questions - We’ll send you a few questions to get to know you and learn more about what excites you about Gitpod. You’ll also have a chance to share more about your strengths and experience and demonstrate your ability to work asynchronously.

Stage 3: Interviews - You’ll have the chance to meet the people you’ll work closest with, learn more about the work, and review your completed challenge. This step is designed to ask you questions and give you the space to do the same.

Stage 4: References - We like to hear from people you’ve worked with in the past before we move to the offer stage.

Stage 5: Offer - Join Gitpod 🎈


🏕 Fully remote, flexible work day

📅 Flexible paid time off including holidays that are most meaningful to you

🧡 Parental leave for all parents

💸 Equity

✈️ Regular company off-sites

😊 Monthly mental and physical health stipend

📚 Monthly educational budget

🩺 Health insurance (country dependent)

💻 Premium work-from-home equipment